Fun Facts

I am an avid urbanist and transit enthusiast, and I like trainspotting in my free time. This video explaining the Tokyo area rail network heavily features footage shot by me!

Pictured: A tram passing by the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

I am a fan of Harajuku street fashion and try to incorporate elements of it into my own style. I sporadically post my outfits on my Instagram.

Pictured: Me on the Nobeyama Plateau (野辺山高原) in Nagano prefecture, Japan.

My name is written as 森 in Japanese, meaning "forest."

Pictured: A poster titled forest (森) made by Japanese graphic designer Yamashiro Ryuichi (山城隆一) in 1955. Image upscaled by my friend Andrea, since high-res images of the poster are hard to come by.

Sometimes I like to make satirical redesigns of school logos, such as my proposed rebranding for CBS pictured here (somehow the school hasn't decided to adopt it yet).

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All photos on this site are taken by or of me unless otherwise specified.